Greyhound Adopters for Racing is a worldwide coalition of Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteers who support the continuation of professional Greyhound racing. We devote a substantial part of our lives to racing Greyhound rehoming and welfare. We do not make our living either in Greyhound racing or in opposing Greyhound racing, and so our focus is entirely on the welfare of Greyhounds and the longterm best interests of the Greyhound breed. Our exclusive concern for Greyhounds and their welfare gives us a unique and impartial perspective on what is and is not “cruel and inhumane” with respect to Greyhounds. We have each reached the conclusion, through living with our former racing Greyhounds and seeing them in their working lives at farms, training facilities and in racing kennels, that Greyhound racing is NOT “cruel and inhumane” to the Greyhounds, and should be continued, in the best longterm interests of our breed.  

     Therefore, it is our mission to support Greyhound racing by educating the public about racing from our uniquely impartial perspective, and thus to provide accurate information about racing, in counterpoint to the inaccurate or misleading propaganda disseminated by anti-racing animal rights activists. We will tell the public what we have learned about Greyhound racing from our own personal experiences, and urge them to reach their own conclusions from credible sources of factual information rather than the scripted and empty rhetoric of anti-racing activists. We will oppose the banning of racing whenever and wherever that banning is urged. We will also advocate for reform of racing, either by the racing industry itself or by government mandate, where we believe such reform will be in the best interests of racing Greyhounds.

     We invite all Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteers who have made their own journey in Greyhounds to the conclusion that the continuation of Greyhound racing is in the best interests of the Greyhound breed, to join us in our mission of public education about and support of racing.


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