85 Adoption Groups Are Not a Conspiracy

By Jennifer Ng, DVM, President of GAR

There are now 85 adoption groups who encourage voting NO to Amendment 13 which would ban greyhound racing in Florida. These are the people on the front lines of taking in racing greyhounds as they retire from the track and placing them into loving pet homes. Think about it — why would so many groups and adopters support the continuation of racing if it was cruel and harmful to the dogs?

It's called a movement, a coalition, a collective

An anti-racing group recently published a post on their page that attempted to explained why adoption groups would support greyhound racing. Their reasons were pure speculation and false accusations, and they completely ignored the single most common reason that so many groups support the industry — they have seen the truth behind the scenes and know that it is not cruel, that these dogs are loved and well cared for, and make great pets because of, and not in spite of, their racing experience.

When the adoption groups that are part of this list of 85 attempted to correct the mistaken assumptions about why they support racing on this anti-racing page, they were immediately banned and their responses deleted, with the mocking commentary that they must have "touched a nerve". Well, yeah, when you make up lies about people, you're going to touch a nerve and incite a response. Why delete those responses unless you're afraid of the truth? Why would an anti-racing group presume to know what 85 other adoption groups think and speak for them, but shut down any attempts from those groups to clarify their stance? Perhaps they are trying to hide the truth from those they have deceived with their lies?

I hope everyone who is curious about why an adoption group would be pro-racing takes the time to find out from the source, and not just believe the speculation of anti-racing groups that clearly have a different agenda.

It's also interesting to note that when one makes a pro-racing comment on an anti-racing page, the common response is that they are immediately banned and the comment deleted. But if people make anti-racing comments on a pro-racing page, most of the time, they are asked for more details, clarification on why they feel that way, the specifics of any claims of abuse, and discussion is welcomed and encouraged.

Those of us who support greyhound racing know that we do so because of our love for the dogs, and because we know there is no inherent cruelty. Yet, we are being accused of being selfish, putting our own desires ahead of the dogs, and supporting abuse for our own goals. Every group on the list of 85 should be angry and take this as further motivation to spread the truth about greyhound racing and squash the falsehoods that have been perpetrate for decades by anti-racing extremists.

Unlike this anti-racing group, I can't pretend to speak for 85 groups, so I would encourage each of those groups to come out with your own statement on why you support voting NO to Amendment 13 and continuing greyhound racing in Florida. I know some group founders have already shared your testimonials, and those have been posted to our Greyhound Adopters for Racing (GAR) website. We would love to add even more to the page, so please post to the GAR group, or tag me if you want to be added.

Here's the story from the founder of the adoption group I volunteer for, which explains why our group supports greyhound racing. http://greyhoundadopters4racing.blogspot.com/2018/06/what-i-saw-from-very-first-dog-was-not.html

Please feel free to share, and especially bring this to the attention to all of the groups that are in this list of 85.

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