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Counterpoint to the "white paper" by the opposition on crates and racing Greyhounds.


"Unlucky 13" by Caroline Coile in the

September 2018 Canine Chronicle


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"Raising Baby" PDF by Joee Kam

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This site was created to show the public what happens behind the scenes at Greyhound breeding facilities, tracks, kennels and adoption. Numerous misconceptions exist about who we are and what we do, and we hope to give you look into our daily lives and clear up anything that concerns you. 


It is our sincere hope that after doing some investigating of your own, you will begin to understand the racing Greyhound better as a working dog and appreciate the lives they lead prior to becoming beloved pets. 

Welcome to the exciting world of the Greyhound — the true royalty of the canine family, certainly one of nature's most graceful and beautiful works of art.  If you've been a Greyhound owner, fan or enthusiast, we extend to you a warm hand of friendship.

The NGA is the official registry of the breed, a membership organization devoted to overseeing the recording of the breeding, registrations and performance of the Sport of Queens in the United States.  

Greyhound Pets of America Greyhounds are primarily ex-athletes from various racetracks around the country. The breed is noted for being very gentle and non-confrontational. They are very adaptable upon adoption, and fit very well into all walks of life.

Greyhound Pets of America was founded in 1987 to find homes for racing greyhounds when their racing careers were finished. Through the support of our volunteers and countless hours that they have given, GPA and its chapters have adopted over 80,000 greyhounds to homes throughout the country.

Often the general public doesn’t have a true understanding of what the lives of racing greyhounds are like, and how their track experiences contribute to them becoming great pets. Internet searches will lead you to a great deal of information. Unfortunately, most of it is inaccurate and/or outdated. This honest information is sourced from those who truly care about the greyhounds and their well-being.