Have we lost our minds?

Caroline Coile, a Saluki breeder, show judge and exhibitor, and Ph.D. in canine science, has posted this commentary on Facebook and asked everyone to share:

Just heard the pro-Greyhound group was booted from the Dog Training Club of St. Pete[rsburg] Open House where the anti-Greyhound group was allowed to remain. Bad move for purebred dogs and dogs in Florida. In case you think this does not affect you, consider these allegations the anti-Grey groups are posting, and see how they WILL be used against us next. And here one of our "own" is helping them!


1) "Dogs are confined in wire kennels for long hours." How much time does the typical show dog with a handler get to run around when at the shows?

2) "Thousands of dogs are injured at race tracks every year." The stats show an injury rate of 0.2% — less than or equal to what we see in lure coursing or AGILITY!

3. In the U.S. female greyhounds are given anabolic steroids to prevent the loss of race days." Ever use Cheque Drops?

4. "Thousands of puppies are bred each year for the dog racing industry." How many for the "show dog industry?"

5." Females are impregnated, almost exclusively through artificial insemination." Unlike show dogs?

6. "Litters run together in large pens for their first year." Is this bad?

7. "Since 2008, over thirty cases of greyhound cruelty and neglect have been documented in the United States." How many from show dog breeders?

8. "Racing greyhounds can suffer injuries or die during transportation. They may be transferred between tracks as many as eight times during their career." How much time do show dogs spend on the road? How many have died in crashes or due to heat?

9. "..small animals are victims of cruel live lure training." Live lure training is against NGA rules. What about Retriever training and open field coursing?

10. "Greyhounds race year-round at some racetracks, including the hottest days of summer and coldest days of winter." Like dog shows?

11. Many greyhounds are euthanized when they don't make the grade." NGA tracks every greyhound registered—unlike the AKC. About 95% of available Greyhounds are adopted; rarely are adoptable dogs euthanized. Even pups with defects are placed as pets as puppies. What about AKC breeders who cull for show ring defects? What about retired show dogs that are placed in pet homes?

12. "Puppies are tattooed." What about tail docking, ear cropping, dew claws, microchips?

13. "The trainers are in it for the money." Is there a law against making money from your life's work/passion? The same could be said of professional [show] handlers since they really couldn't afford to do what they do unless they are paid.

What will happen to the Greyhound breed? Without racing there will be no retired racers--estimated to make up about 50,000 dogs---most sterilized--- in this country. AKC breeders cannot supply the pet market. The AKC gene pool is already dangerously small.


Remember when? In a decade that will be an empty field with this sort of "support."


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