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Group Exclusively Focused On Greyhound Welfare Offers Unique Perspective That Racing Is Not Cruel to Greyhounds

July 13, 2018 — A coalition of Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteers, whose exclusive focus is racing Greyhound welfare, has formed to share its unique perspective on racing Greyhounds and the racing environment that Greyhound racing is not “cruel” or “inhumane” to the dogs. Formed in early June of this year, the organization now has over 1,450 member adopters in its Facebook group, which is growing daily.

“As Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteers who don’t make our livings in either racing or opposing racing but instead are focused entirely on the best interests of the Greyhounds and the breed, our members have a perspective unlike any of the other groups that are involved in the debate over Florida Greyhound racing,” said Dr. Jennifer Ng, a South Carolina veterinarian and Greyhound adopter who is the president of the coalition. “We’ve all devoted a significant part of our lives to Greyhound welfare, and have reached the informed conclusion from living with our Greyhounds and interacting with people in the racing industry that racing isn’t ‘cruel’ or ‘inhumane’ to the dogs. If we thought racing were either of those things, we’d be the first to say so.”

Dr. Ng said, “It’s a common experience among our adopter/volunteer membership that many of us held an anti-racing view initially in our adoption experience because we were exposed only to the misleading propaganda of the anti-racing groups. But as we came to know the Greyhounds and saw the racing environments they came from, we realized that the information we had been given by the anti-racing groups was false, and we changed our stance to pro-racing because we saw what wonderful dogs racing has produced and how it’s beneficial to the Greyhound breed.”

Testimonials from many Greyhound adopters and adoption volunteer describing the reasons they support the continuation of Greyhound racing can be found on the coalition’s website at https://www.greyhoundadopters4racing.com/blogger​.

Greyhound Adopters for Racing is a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Florida. It is funded primarily by its membership and receives no money from Greyhound racing.


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