The UKC joins in opposing Amendment 13

From Inside UKC News today: " Vote NO on Amendment 13.

September 28, 2018

Amendment 13 in Florida will effectively end all Greyhound racing in the state. While Greyhound racing is not a UKC sport, UKC stands in support of working dogs and opposes Amendment 13.

United Kennel Club is well aware of the devastating implications should this pass, not only in Florida, but for all of us that enjoy the beauty of a working animal and the potential ramifications there could be for other sports. The end of one longstanding canine sport will only open the door for an attack on other sports. UKC believes in events that highlight canine instincts and heritage, and Greyhounds were bred to race.

United Kennel club is strongly against this amendment and urges all dog owners to help Florida keep Greyhounds racing. Vote NO on Amendment 13."


The UKC is the second major US kennel club after the AKC to release a position statement in opposition to Amendment 13.

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