Voting NO on 13

This is a current list of organizations and newspaper editorial boards that oppose Amendment 13. Notice that many of these groups have no relation to or involvement in Greyhound racing. They have evaluated the amendment language and its repercussions, and are opposing it for their own reasons.

90+ Greyhound adoption groups in North America

Alabama Canine Coalition

American Kennel Club

Brevard Kennel Club

Bull Terrier Club of America

Bulldog Club of America

California Responsible Pet Owners' Coalition

Cavalry Group

Citrus County Chronicle

Citizens for Equitable Tax Policy

Committee to Support Greyhounds

Florida AFL-CIO

Florida Association of Kennel Clubs

Florida Cattlemen's Association

Florida Chamber of Commerce

Florida Family Action

Florida Farm Bureau

Florida Greyhound Association

Florida Libertarian Party

Florida Sportsmen United Political Committee

Florida TaxWatch

Future of Hunting in Florida

Greyhound Adopters for Racing

Imperial Polk Obedience Club of Lakeland

Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Association

Keep Our Constitution Clean

National Animal Interest Alliance

National Greyhound Association

National Rifle Association

People for Pet Ownership

Protect the Harvest

Real Greyhound Advocates

Sarasota Observer

Save My Constitution

Sunday News Press Ft. Myers

Suwannee Valley Kennel Club

Tallahassee Democrat Editorial Board

Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board

The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Animals

Unified Sportsmen of Florida

United Kennel Club

Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce

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